In order to Receive my Services, You agree to the following:

There are also some necessary commitments that you must make to Your Self ... and embody ... in order to receive My Miraculous Support and Services:

1. Fully Commit. When You FULLY COMMIT To VALUE and RECEIVE this Healing here and now, Your Supported Way and Healing will be made Clear. Restoration, Support, and Healing emerges only through your Full 100% Commitment to Your Self. You are responsible for staying in alignment with Your Desires from a positive NOW moment. This acts in releasing Your old habitual MindSet and bursts the door OPEN ... Opening to Miraculous Possibilities. You are Powerful beyond Measure, it's time to embody this Truth. You as human is temporary, this is only a fraction of Who You Are. You chose to come here, and face whatever is necessary within Your Sacred Personal Journey. You are here for a necessary Purpose... and Your Purpose requires your full commitment.

2. I cannot help you if you are unwilling to VALUE ME and YourSelf. My Miracles and Magic can only be Received by those who are willing to take full responsibility for their lives ... exactly as it is right now ... Vow to Your Self to BE and do what is necessary to BE Renewed, and Receive what You seek.  This may be becoming a NEW YOU ... Living in radically different ways ... guided by Your Spirit, maybe it's growing in unpredictable masterful ways, maybe receiving the necessary blueprint skills to be an entrepreneur, refining ways to help others, refining self value, opening to value others, Opening to a New Mind, Manifesting a New Body and Body of Experience ... it may be expanding your creative potential, doing something that scares you INTO LIFE, etc... You may be inspired to take up new skills, you may BE and Feel and do some things that may be out of your comfort zone in order to GROW ... You will Know exactly what to "do" as you will be guided fro the inside as well as the outside to know and be what that is ... and you receive because you make the commitment, for You! You have been entrusted with Your Inspirations ... now begin to develop and utilize them! Stop following others and unfold Your passions ... even if they seem silly or meaningless! Believe in Your Self! Believe in Your Dreams! Don't settle for less!

3. Own Your True Feelings! When feelings and emotions arise (as they do in times of change and unknowns) it is your responsibility to Honor them ... be willing to FEEL and experience them all fully. They are Yours to embrace. FEEL and Welcome the emotions that arise for you to feel and experience now ... You can do this! In Life, we are faced with as many challenges as necessary to embrace with Grace Our Awakening beyond consciousness. Our emotions are here to be experienced and released fully by fully allowing them, welcoming them, being present with them, opening to feel them ... Congratulations for Being strong enough to BE HERE with this experience and Face what You must in order to reach the True Nature of Life, and Your Awakened Self who is beyond the surface impact of this world. Here You will understand why and how you no longer attempt to run away, push it away, deny, distract, medicate, ignore, repress, neglect, etc... what YOU MUST FACE ... right here ... right now. To BE FREE... Breathe into the Reality you are faced with. No matter what it is. No matter how horrible it is. It IS. It is what is real for you now ... and it is what IS ... right here now for you to embrace, allow and welcome. There is no escape from these emotions ... Only embrace ... and as we embrace we are no longer in resistance and they simply release. As You move through the center of these emotional experiences ... You earn passage to the other side, where All is made Whole ... where You can Thrive. This is Vital ... to be welcoming toward what you are feeling, allow space for it. After a while you will notice that your capacity expands and you will no longer be upset by others, as you have the capacity to embrace your own reality, with your full presence and acceptance. And others spark your love and compassion no matter what they are dealing with.

4. WRITE Your Way Free! Brain Drain Writing every day ... morning and evening pages ... Commit to this and watch how clear your mind becomes! Let's begin Right now, (or as soon as possible) get out a journal, or several sheets of paper and pen and WRITE ... do not think. Write. Put the pen onto the paper, have many sheets of paper with you .. and drain it all out! This is not to be read, or seen by anyone ... just write and allow it all to pour out of you ... without thinking or editing or even correct spelling ... if you cannot allow your pen to drain your brain with words in the beginning ... just scribble and allow the pen to move ... let it free you ... releasing the mind ... where your greatest challenges live ... free yourself from the torture and suffering of the looping mind. Your mind is attempting to figure out the solution, and IT DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS ... so it keeps feeding you images and thoughts of looping insanity ...Your mind cannot help you ... it can only hurt you now ...  let it be drained ... free ... clear ... open ... so your Heart can be heard, felt ... so Your Breath can be Breathed .. so you can rest ... and simply feel ... simply allow ... give yourself this gift right now ... This opens the way to embrace the emotions and feelings that are emerging for you to feel and therefore release. Everything you feel, you are freeing from yourself. Free your Self ... by embracing what you feel. Feel it all! Welcome all of the emotion to arise and move through you ... as you feel it ... it is leaving you... There is peace, love, embrace and stillness on the other side.

5. Cleanse Your Cells ... Juice and Enemas! (WHAT? ENEMAS??) - Well, YES if you are brave and crave Inner Peace, Lightness, Clarity. Your bowls hold your SHIT ... all of it ... Get a juicer and juice at home. Drink fresh juices, eat fruit, drink alkaline fresh living foods and drinks. Make a green drink in the blender with anything green, (lettuce, thistle, kale, spinach, romaine, sprouts, thistle, dandelion, etc...) edible... add a 1/2 lemon and 1/2 apple, blend, and strain it. Begin now. Drink in Living Nourishment. You Deserve it. Make it yummy ... Do COFFEE colonics or enemas to cleanse the toxic debris of life up to now, and the ways you have been impacted by the implants and structures that have caused toxicity in your body and body of experience. 

*Specific guidance and support can be purchased here!

6. DRINK Specifically Encoded MIRACLE WATER to Nourish Your Cells and Grow with You as You Evolve and Advance in Awareness and Health and Luminosity! You can also drink PURE, Spring or Alkaline Water. You can purchase your Personally Encoded and Calibrated Miracle Water and Make Your Own Miracle Water HERE! Miracle Water is Potent and can dramatically change your Health, your Body, Your Cells, Your Thoughts, Your Awareness, Your Feelings, Your Frequency and Vibration, and more ... You can charge your water with Miracles for Life! It produces benefits too numerous to mention here!) - Try it and see for Yourself!

7. Get Outside! Marvel at the wonder and magic of Nature ... Notice the birds, the sky, the air, the temperature, the sounds, find places of beauty ... lay with your belly on the earth! Walk barefoot. Stand Barefoot. Be ... Breathe ... Be Alive and Wild like Nature... just growing ... just Being ... just stillness. Open Your Awareness to how your body feels on the earth ... breathe ... acknowledge where you are in this moment ... feel your belly ... being breathed ... Sit on the Earth, Sit under a tree ... put your spine against a tree and feel how deep its roots go into the earth ... marvel at the wonder of it all ... be innocent and free again ... dance in the rain ... run ... do cartwheels ... watch the sun rise ... watch the sun set ... Take a Walk ... notice ... pay attention ... let yourself be bathed in the natural world ... plant flowers ... grow herbs ... meditate upon the earth ... Be in touch ... Invite Your Magical Innocent Miracle Playful Child within You to come and Marvel at the possibilities sparked by time in Nature ... Allow space for yourself to unwind outside of walls, doors, vehicles, cities ... go where things are living ... 

8. Move Your Body ... in ways that inspire, uplift, feel good, open you, make you feel good, in ways that feel freeing... If you have the ability You can dance, walk, hike, bike, skip, hop, jump, do cartwheels, summersaults, scooter about, rollerblade, get creative and open your body and mind to movement in unique ways! paddle board, play tag with the kids, play kickball, walk to the store instead of drive, open your body to movement and stretching ... even if you are in bed ... allow gentle powerful presence into your cells ... into your muscles ... into your toes ... feel your body ... ground into the body ... let yourself be pleasurably awake to your body's earthiness, softness, roundness, tenderness, richness, miraculousness ... wonder at this magical body you have been blessed with ... to temporarily live through ... this body will not always be with you ... You can love it and accept it now for such pleasure and bliss it provides ... remember your body and move it! Rest it ... give it what it needs ... listen to your body ... It Loves You!

9. I agree that in viewing, experiencing, receiving, or purchasing anything on this website that I am responsible for owning my own Results and taking full responsibility for my experience and healing. I agree that Jyoti is not a doctor or medical care provider and I acknowledge that I have been guided by Jyoti to see medical practitioners for any and all medical and healthcare needs, concerns, and treatments. I agree that Jyoti does not offer medical or healing advice for any physical, mental, psychological, or emotional condition. I understand and agree that there is no warranty, no refunds, or result guarantees. I agree that I am responsible for all results I experience in all areas of my life, including my experience and work with Jyoti, silent distant sessions, in person sessions, immersions, Activations, Transmissions, Prayers, Blessings, or any services or products provided or suggested by Jyoti. I have read and I agree to the Terms of Use. I understand that all services are automatically delivered upon payment, there are no refunds of any kind ever, all services, activations, transmissions, sessions, blessings, coaching, immersions, are non-transferrable, non refundable. I understand the nature of this service is a Spiritual Intervention and Supernatural Healing Service, Once payment is received  the Service begins. I acknowledge this service is unique, unlike anything else, incomparable to other healing and spiritual services offered by other ministers. Jyoti is a Licensed Minister, and provides Spiritual Services. I understand that there is no implied or specific guarantee, result or experience. I acknowledge and understand that my results are my own, and my experience may be different than others experiences, all others results and testimonials are no guarantee or implied result for me. I understand that I must agree to these terms and conditions to be given access to payment options, services, and any further connection. 

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