Yogananda Loves You Eternally!

He has granted access to these Kriyas for You.

How did this come into Being? I was not a follower or devotee of the Self Realization Fellowship, nor was I keen on saying yes ... this has taken me almost 4 years!

It was a glorious warm spring day in Southern California ... I was sitting in stillness ... reveling within the experience of a rare gift of Silence for a solo mama ... Uninterrupted Silence. Stillness. Peace. My children were sleeping after a long day at the beach. I had been feeling an inner calling to just BE. To stop and listen and be in the luxury of the embodied present moment. I sat crosslegged on a comfy purple pillow ... I luxuriously attuned to the Now ... I listened to the chimes playing their harmonic magic in the gentle breeze just outside my door. The afternoon sun was now saturating the room with golden magical light. I noticed a mystical, magical feeling in the air as I welcomed a deep meditative full body breath ... You know the kind of breath that fills your lungs all the way to your belly ... I wanted to breathe in completely the beauty of this sacred moment. 

I could feel something Magical in the air... Just like when I was a little girl and Jesus would come to me. (My parents used to call him my "imaginary friend") He would appear to me in flesh I could touch, in the body of a child just a few years older than me at the time. He and I would talk and play for hours. He revealed so many things to me. He shared with me the experience of what True Love is ... how Life is Love, and how we have all come here for very important and specific purpose to restore Life and Love where it had been damaged. He showed me scenes of my future. He returned to me when I was actually living those future moments that he had shown me as a child ... I have much to share about this ... as I have only spoken briefly about this very important time of Destiny in my childhood. (More on this when the call arises.)

I placed my journal and pen beside me as I closed my eyes and sat in the Beauty of this moment of quiet. Open to the Magic of what was to come.

I instantly felt a deep inner stillness saturate every cell of my being and envelop me in a sea of bliss ... I sat in bliss for what seemed to be several moments ... minutes? hours? when suddenly I felt this huge warm glowing radiance ... intensifying into an almost blinding light and energy moving towards me ... it was palpable. I could feel it everywhere ... it was inside of my heart and my mind, and simultaneously approaching me ... I opened my eyes and beheld a man who felt familiar in my Heart, like a family member. He was walking down the hallway, directly towards me, his eyes... his powerful eyes ... filled with outpouring love, locked into mine. He was glowing, radiant, present, powerful and fully palpably real on all levels. I recognized him as the next level embodiment formerly known as Paramahansa Yogananda. He spoke to me as if I had known him in his life and followed his progression and teachings ... and somehow I understood everything he said to me. (Even though I had not followed him in my life.) He said we were of the same family. He shared with me his need to "right" and "correct" the half truths and limited teachings he shared with his followers and the world. He said he was just teaching what he had been taught by his teachers, and now he is aware that there is so so so much more. He said that if he knew then what he knows now, he would have embodied and demonstrated what True Healing and Awakening IS, and exactly how to BE there without work and without "mind work."  He spoke to me within my heart, and I could hear, feel and understand with my whole being, everything he was saying to me.

He spoke audibly to me.

"Jyoti, I come to you today to ask for your help, and to give you a gift that changes everything in Life. This is an opportunity you can say yes or no to. This is an opportunity that is within Your Destiny to fulfill. You can choose to serve this purpose in this lifetime, or return to fulfill it in another way. It is up to You. I have chosen You because this is our sacred shared destiny, as brother and sister of the same family. I chose you because of your purity of heart and devotion to Love. You can help the many, not just my people, all people, to come Home. You restore something vital in the hearts of those who are ready to come Home while still in this body, and open the true experience of Heaven upon Earth. This is about the embodiment of the Sacred Heart, the Love of Life. This is the only True Power. I am here to give you the Gift of 144 Kriyas. This is a gift for You and for all those who are ready to truly Awaken and Live Life's Destiny while embodied upon this planet. 

The first 44 Kriyas serve to Restore the Original Foundation for (NEW) Life, as Originally Intended by the Creator. In each Kriya Transmission 1-44 we will be healing, transforming, upgrading and aligning the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, etheric and soul bodies with the Infinite Unconditional Love as Life that You Are. 

This Opens the Way for Miracle Healings, Alignments, and Transformations happen naturally, daily. These who receive these Kriyas will experience miracle healings, instant and permanent healing of long standing chronic conditions, dispositions, lifetimes of suffering will be dissolved, opening the way to Live Life in a Harmonic beyond duality and density as currently experienced in the world. These Kriyas are Gateway Openers that produce rapid spiritual awakening, awareness, development, and remembrance of Who You Are beyond and within your body and body of experience. Each Kriya is unique for each person, as it dances directly with Your Spirit, calibrating, harmonizing, opening the key codes specific to each individuals destiny. This also dissolves the Soul Constellations that have kept you from living the new foundation for your life ad body and body of experience as Life originally intended. 

The first Kriyas 1-44 function something like this: 

Source of Life as LOVE - Spirit Moves through You, Heals, Restores, and Establishes the Foundation for Your New Life. This unfolds at the frequency and speed determined by Your Spirit. Each Kriya is active for 24 hours and opens the clear pathways for Your next level Kriyas up to 44. Once You have received and integrated each of the 44 Kriyas, You will be ready to move into receiving Your next 56 Kriyas. Listen to Your Heart to know the timing between your next Kriya. You are meant to move rapidly into your fully whole healed self, and after your first Kriya, You can Trust Your Heart Knowing instantly. 

Clears Soul Constellation Blueprint programs responsible for limitations, lack, pain, wounding, suffering, containment and control by non-life structures ... 

Generates fully formed foundational gateways that allow your life and energy to flow in Harmonic with Your Divine Destiny and Purpose for Your Being. This grounds and replaces and restores Life to Life on Planet Earth through the vessel / vehicle of Your Body of Love, Your Life Blossoming New Possibilities (undreamt of) as Creation Originally Intended. You become a Sourced Powerhouse Vessel for Healing, Transformation, Bliss, Radiant Vibrant Health, Choice, Freedom, Liberation.

Once You have completed the Foundational 44 Kriyas, You can comprehensively and permanently and instantly heal all levels of body, mind, emotions, spirit in harmony and in the fulfillment of Your Life's Purpose. Your Life Purpose Opens to You, the path of Your Destiny meets you exactly where you stand. You don't have to seek for it. It meets You. You become a magnet to your Destiny. You will know when to act, and when to Be. You will be ready to unfold the Expression of Your Destiny in the next levels ahead, Kriyas 45-99. (56 Kriyas)

Kriyas 45-99 are about Deeper Awakening of Embodied Love Possibilities, Refinement, Expansion, Growth, Embodiment and Expression of Life Purpose. Here, Your Life Purpose becomes Your Life. You embody Your True Living Purpose and Destiny. It happens naturally, without struggle, effort, or seeking. You Know from the Inside Out. You are in Your Supernatural Power, in harmony with Your Infinite Self.

Kriyas 100-144 Are FREEDOM and LIBERATION ...

The (breath, posture, and meditation specific) Kriyas I gave in my life embodiment as Paramahansa Yogananda were about the old sense or paradigm of "awakening" and expanding consciousness passed down from those who were believed to have attained enlightenment, or rather FREEDOM from the grips of reincarnation. This is only partially true. These Kriyas, in the old sense, as taught by my Gurus can mislead with the mind in charge, just as meditation can be an "escape" instead of an embodiment of Pure Presence as unconditional infinite love that has the power to heal everything instantly. This is what "meditation" and "Kriya Yoga" was truly originally meant to be... the embodiment of Pure Love freed from the illusions of duality. Unity. Peace. Naturally producing the Spontaneous Healing and Transformation of everything that is not Love, Truth. Kriyas and meditations that use the mind (which is an effect) to make a change in the mind and body (which are both effects) in practice today have some potential temporary benefits of course, yet ultimately they exert force (force is effect) that manipulates energy channels, that produce experiences in the mind and body, yet, this is missing the True Purpose of their Power ... Their True Power is a Source Level, causal level Awakening Beyond the Consciousness of the mind and Living as the Unconditional Embodiment of Love. Will you please help my people. Lead a new way. Give them the Real Living Kriyas and Meditations that Open the way. You are pure of heart, you know what I mean. You know innately how to help. When I look at the followers of my teachings, I see people suffering, believing they are "getting somewhere" by following these teachings, and I see how I have failed them. The True Teaching is Alive, and it Lives only within the Embodiment of Love, where there are no words. No rules. No should. No teachings. Just Love that Creates Life, recreates Life as Life on an expansive plane of existence. Love informs Life. Life is a Living Breathing Movement of Love, yet only when you can be simple, unfold and know from inside. There is no outer teacher. there is only the opening and awakening of Your True Presence as Love ... as the unique expression of Love that only You can be. Each of us has this at the core of our Life, our world depends upon each of us awakening beyond the mind and living as Our Embodiment of Love from the Sacred Heart which is our point of infinity, where we can dissolve all density back into Unity ... once we transcend the need for the suffering of the soul, thereby changing the Soul into its Pure Form as the Elegant Blueprint of Life originally intended. This is where New Life can happen on Earth. This is the big what's next you have been asking for. Now is the invitation for you to step into your purpose in this beautiful creation. Are you ready to begin?"

I said "no." 

He said "Are You sure?" 

I said "Your devotees and your SRF organization are a strong intimidating bunch of followers who believe there is an internal chain of command earned only by your most devoted students. I do not feel welcome/invited/safe to share with them. They even kicked me and my daughter out of your Gardens in Encinitas! Who is going to believe the white girl from the midwest with the name of Jyoti? Who is going to believe that you appeared to me and told me all of this? I don't even know what Kriyas are? Who is going to listen to me? why me? why now?"

"My followers are beautiful loving people who have been led astray, as all religious followers are. They don't even know why they fear... you or anything outside of what they have been taught, yet can sense that You BEING YOU will uproot their false foundation. Many reject, deny, attack and even kill in the name of God, Religion, and Spiritual Path. This is not your path. This is just fear operating. You are here to Restore Love. You are here to Restore Life to Life. These beloveds are here to receive from Your Purpose - directly or indirectly... and Because now is the time. And you are the one."

Still I said "no."

And from that moment forward he vanished ... and I suffered. DEEPLY. I endured 4 years of pain, suffering, lack, debt, court battles, IRS audits, NOTHING working, health failing, body aging rapidly, money disappearing, lawsuits, a demon sent to kill, unhappiness, unrest, chronic stress, insomnia, and the loss of both my father and mother. loss. lack. suffering. debt. pain. loss of faith, hope, life...

I am saying YES NOW. And INSTANTLY My Precious Life is aligning in my Purpose as I am receiving the full embodiment to transmit and initiate all of these Kriyas for all who come to receive them.

So here I Am. I humbly offer You ALL of this ... the real life story of what happens when you say NO to your destiny, the LIVING of Your Destiny and the Opportunity You are now being GIVEN from my Heart aligned with the Creator! 

I now fully choose to RECEIVE THE EMBODIMENT OF ALL THE KRIYAS I AM TO TRANSMIT TO ALL WHO COME and OFFER THESE KRIYAS AS ONE OF MY LIFE'S DESTINY EXPRESSION FOR YOUR HEALING, WHOLENESS, LOVE, BLISS, FREEDOM and LIBERATION ... Embody My Purpose - even if people cannot understand me, even if I have no idea what is next, even if I feel scared, even if I feel inadequate, even if I feel unwell, even if I lose everything I thought I needed for my life. (Im crying as I write this ... because I know everything about my Life that I have known is now transforming. I was always told I was the Miracle Girl. Why was this such a difficult choice for me to say YES to? Why did it take me 4 years? What was I afraid of?

This I choose to BE ... as part of my Destiny!