A World ofHealing ... You and I


Dearest Beloved Andrew ...

This Video is Deeply Encoded for You ... it will additionally assist in Your Inner Clarity and Inner Knowing that exists beyond the 'mind knowing' of the personality and mind who awaits data and ... Opening New Gateways of experience for You ... Allowing You to drop the fear and worry of the 'unknown' into the river of Abundance that is here and Present now to carry You forward into Your Destiny! 

Here with You in Love and Devotion,


Dearest Beloved Andrew,

How are things unfolding? I haven't received any updates from You... 

Please let me know how You receive this Encoded Video ... (It has a Miracle inside for You!!)

Let's plan to talk one day this week ... let me know your available times, and if you would like to include Katie!

Here in Love and Devotion to You and Your Greatest Life!


This Video is deeply encoded for You to Receive Access to Your True Strength, Support, Inspiration, and In-Sight ... When You experience this Video ... I Invite You to Have extra water with You and drink at least a liter of water each time You experience the encoding in this video!! As well as write 3 pages of not-thinking writing ... allowing deeper awareness to emerge into your conscious mind ...

Also ... I am including an additional Releasing Video below this one ... It will help you to release all that is no longer serving You!!!

Here in Love and Devotion to Your Unfolding Magical Life!  (Yes, it is emerging through it All!!)   Jyoti


Dearest Beloved Andrew ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I have accessed, embodied and Encoded this Video with additional Miracle Healing Technologies for You!!

Please have water with You as You experience this video ... and 

perform a taste test on your water ... before and after playing Your Video.

This Year will Be Much Much Different than what has happened prior to Now ...

We are Opening Your Life's Purpose!

Things will begin to unfold differently for You . There will be Many changes and ALL of them are necessary.

I will help You through them all!

Please send me via text ... Your Intentions for this Year ... What You most desire to experience, know, have, and Be!!!

I will additionally encode this into Your Video!!

no matter what appears ... we can and WILL Thrive through this!!!

Here with You in Love and Devotion ... Jyoti

Special Encoded Healing and Support for You Beloved Andrew ... 

We Got This!!!

Below You will find 3 videos ... they are each individually encoded with very specific Support Frequencies just for You!

The middle Video is a Special Crystal Bowl Encoded Healing

You will Know inside your Heart which videos to play and when! 

Be sure to have water with You as you experience each of these videos ... as they are energized to encode Your Drinking Water for extra Support, Healing, Resolution ... and Opening the NEW LIFE in front of You now!!

(I will send you additional supplement and cleanse information to You via text message!)

Here with You in Love and Devotion, Jyoti

Love Extra Support ... Feel the water flowing through You ... washing away ... cleansing ... Purifying ... all that must go ...

Here in Love and Devotion 

The New World of Magic Begins Here ... 

This Changes Everything ... 

You are doing AMAZING !!! IAM so proud of You!!! 

We are entering a Whole New World ... where it is most important to Honor Your Inner Truth ... 

Together ... we will Face this on multidimensional levels!!

Dearest Andrew... Please let me know how this video Feels for You!!! It's encoded with extra special Love and Support!!! Smiling with a big Hug! in So Much Love and Devotion to You, Jyoti

Also ... a few links for sleep sounds: (In addition to the one you sent me!! More to come!!)

https://youtu.be/9XaVOJUDjF4 (this one is crystal singing bowls)

https://youtu.be/QSXqkWAFmxA (Gamma sound)

https://youtu.be/85MF7CuPovA (One hour Gamma track)

Dearest Andrew ... This Video is encoded with Extra Support ... and Strength and Energy and Soul Clearing (New Opening is here!!) required for You to Own Your Voice, Speak Your Truth with Your Whole Powerful Self and Claim the Life experience You Most Desire ... Your Voice and Action is required. Where Your Internal Clarity gives rise to Alignment with Your Truth ... Please keep me posted ... How Awareness is shifting and what You are inspired to own next ... from this Sacred Space we will Dance Forward into the Unfolding of Your Life's Destiny together!!! Here in Service, Love and Devotion to You... Jyoti

A Powerful New Encoded Video for You!!! Please stay in close touch as the many changes continue and unfold!!! Many new levels are becoming accessible now ... and its vital to stay in your Heart and Breathe and be as centered as possible through the upcoming months as we deep dive even further into Opening Your Life's Destiny!!!

Here with You in Love and Devotion ... Jyoti

Dearest Andrew,

This month marks a New Beginning!!! This Video is encoded to assist in the unfolding of depth healing, clearing, and effortless shift into all that is next for You!!! Please keep in close contact as this month and August into September are very important for You to Be in Alignment with the Beautiful Openings presenting for You! We have been working deeply together on so many levels beyond conscious awareness ... also filtering through the clearing of emotions and emotional patterns that are releasing ... deep Soul Constellations have been moving every day ... had bee working with some deeply complex patterns and have finally released them forever!!!! You are doing AMAZING!!!!

Lets have a call soon!!!

Here with You in Love and Devotion,


Dearest Andrew,

This video is Deeply Encoded on Multiple levels for You ... Please keep me posted on how you are feeling and what is unfolding in your experience!! You will experience many new Openings and Shifts in the coming moments and days ... 

Marinate in the Magic of this Cleaning Moment ... as We Open all that is Now and Upcoming for You Beloved!!! You are doing Amazing!!! Many things will be manifesting in your experience very soon!! 

Here with You in Love and Devotion,


New Openings are Here ... Deep Emotional Cleanse and the Opening of several very Precious Miracles ... Underway ...

Deeply encoded Video for You!!!

This is an Epic time!!! Transformation is Here ... Upon Us Now ... unfolding!!! You are doing Amazing ... Many in-Sights are unfolding ... Present Here in Love and Devotion with You!

The Below Link is a New Healing Sanctuary for You ...


New Changes are deeply underway Beloved... This is changing and transforming many levels and layers of Personal and Global Reality ... 

You are doing Amazingly well ... Please stay in connection as these changes unfold...

Here in Love and Devotion ... J

Beloved Precious Andrew ... How are You Beloved??

Ready for our next Live Call? 

Your Encoded Healing Video is below ... along with another video from our December Live Session as well as a New Meditation!! ENJOY!!!

Also ... Here is a new Meditation I recorded and Encoded for You ... Please let me know how You receive it!! It's about 20 minutes long!

Miracle Healing Meditation 2.mp3

Encoded for You ... Video from our LIVE Session on 12/22/21!!

December 2021 Encoded Video With Love!!! (Below)

Dearest Beloved Andrew ... 

I have been working intensely with you around the clock for several days, over a week actually ... I look forward to hear from you ... Your Spirit has been alerting me to so many things and I am wondering how you are experiencing this depth of work ... or if it is so deep that it's all beyond conscious awareness! It would also be a supreme benefit to receive the upcoming Sunday Live sessions that speak to your Heart .. as well as the Ancestral Sessions ... the Ancestral Sessions are very powerful and can create levels and layers and depths of Support for You in the seen and unseen realms that will be very important for you in the upcoming times ahead! The ancestral Sessions I will keep open for You beyond this month as well! I am so very proud of You Andrew!!! You are doing Amazing!!!

Here in Love and Devotion, Jyoti

Beloved Andrew ... This Video is addressing and clearing out so many levels layers and depths of Soul Constellations ... Please let me know How You are and what you are noticing in Your Precious Life! I also would love to see You receive the next level healing sessions upcoming this month of October! They will exponentially accelerate Transformation! I am so very Proud of You ... You are making huge progress in Your Infinite Being!

Dearest Beloved Andrew ...

I have been sending some extra special support your way ... Please keep me updated on how you are feeling and experiencing things!! Here with You in Love and Devotion ... J

Beloved Precious Andrew ... This Video is Deeply Encoded for You ... it is like the sky and the trees and all Life from the sky pouring into the stream as it flows directly to and through You  ... Delivering You Extra Potent Blessings and Access to Your True Self and Your True Power (especially coupled with Your Lions Gate Portal!!)  ... Please let me know how You Receive it!! And ... You are doing Amazing!!! I am so very Proud of You!!! I look forward to hear how You are feeling ... 

Here with You ... in Love and Devotion ,


Beloved Precious Andrew ... 

This Video is Deeply Encoded for You on so many levels layers and depths that have emerged in harmony with the greater additional Live Sessions we have completed together!! You are expanding into the next Level of Your Precious Life!! Please stay in touch and let me know how You are experiencing things!!! I Love You so very much!! You are so precious to my Heart!!! I Am so very proud of You!! You are releasing so many levels of lesser Life experience, Opening to the MAGIC ... I am excited to hear how its unfolding!! Please reach out whenever You are inspired!!! IAM here for You!! I Love You!!! Here, in Love and Devotion to You and Your Greatest Life, Jyoti

Beloved Andrew .. wow ... so much has been in transformation .. I feel so excited to hear from You, letting me know how things are feeling and your experiences ... You may be noticing changes inside physical/mental/emotional Life ... and You may perceive them outside of You and additionally on other levels ... or you may not be aware of them consciously (yet)  ... no matter how it is showing up for you now ... there is so much in Healing transition .... I am looking so forward to hear from You ... from our Live Healings and our Intensive in which we are in the depth and midst of ... I Love You!!! You are such an Amazing Being of Love!! IAM so honored to Be with You in this time!! This Encoded Video has so many levels layers and depths for You ... Please experience it as often as You are inspired!!

Beloved Andrew ... I have been doing a great deal of (wake-me-up) extra clearing and support with You ... Early mornings at 222, 444, 555am and so many moments of upgrades throughout the days ... How are You feeling? What are You noticing? 

I would Love to support/inspire You in consciously drinking more water (Im encoding all of Your Water with Miracle Particles ... as we are in the midst of a great Shift that will be deeply enhanced and supportive for You to Have Your Miracle Water flowing through every cell of Your Sacred Body Temple) .. and I also wish to support You in pausing throughout your day to tune in to the Breath of Life ... and the Miracle of Life ... of which You Are! 

May is a Perfect time for You Beloved to Open the Inner Channels to Your Deeper Life's Purpose!! What We Open to and Begin now will cycle through the following 9 months in Support of Your Intent and Blossoming!! (I am also offering a few Live Sessions this month that I would Love to see You Receive!! - These Sessions can deeply support and enhance the Depth Healing we are in the midst of!)

Here with You ... in Love and Devotion,


And ... Here is a recording of our April Live Healing Session (who some experienced by Phone) and this sone of the recordings ... Please InJOY and let me know how You receive it!!! and what it sparks in You!!! 


Precious Beloved Andrew...

This is a big month of beginning change ... transformations ... there may be many shifts, transformations, and cycles coming to completion ... opening the way for the NEW to rise into Being! You are Your Beloved may wish to participate in this month's additional Live Healing (soon to be published) ... this will help each of You to additionally Align You Together and Individually with Your Specific and United Essence, Destiny, and Life Purpose! I am encoding this Video to address many levels layers and depths of your Life's Beauty, Clarity, Purpose, and Ease in transitions, completions, and transformations ... opening Trust, Strength, Knowing, Igniting Intuition and clear knowing from the inside out ... and more than I can explain from words alone! Please keep in touch and reach out anytime! IAM Always here in Love and Devotion ... 

I Love You!!

I am so very Proud of You!!

You are doing Amazing!!

(ps... I just moved back to Colorado with my Babes and finally got internet service to upload your Encoded Video!)

Dearest Beloved Andrew ... I have encoded this video with extra special love and healing for You! Please let me know how things are unfolding for You and what is on your Heart to share with me!! I Love You!! Here in Love and Devotion to You and Your greatest Life!! Jyoti

Two New Videos for You Beloved!! Inspired from LOVE!!!

Beloved Precious Andrew,

This is a Living Page Created Just for You ... Encoded Specifically for You with Frequencies of Healing and Deep Support that Serve, Support and Assist You in multidimensional, conscious, and Other-than-conscious ways 24/7 ... The Living Support encoded into this Page serves as a Portal of direct delivery to You on all levels of Your Being ... Always holding You in the most aligned Space for Your Greatest Life Experience. There is nothing You need to "do" in order to receive the full benefit. You may at times wish to just open your page and welcome a deep Breath of Presence ... and notice what You notice. 

I will additionally upload Healing Encoded Videos for You as I am guided! (Your first one is below!! - Enjoy!!) There will also be an additional Video I will add once internet capacity is sufficient!

Please stay in touch with me and let me know how You are feeling and experiencing ...

I Love You!!!

Here with You ... in Love and Devotion,


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