Wilma ... Your Encoded Healing Video

With Love!

Here is Your Encoded Healing and Transformation Video ... Made with Love for You!!

Before You experience your video Please Gather:

A Glass or Bottle of water to have beside you as you experience your video, as well as pen and paper to write after your video is complete. 

You may experience many things during your video and after ... and even if you do not consciously notice anything ... it is Perfect and at work in and through You! Once you feel complete with Your Video Viewing experience, take pen to paper and write ... non-thinking writing ... just write 3 pages ... also note what insights, feelings, ideas, sparks of possibilities ... dreamy imaginal experiences ... or anything else that pops up in your awareness as you are writing ... even if it is fleeting ... You are being opened to a Larger part of You and what is necessary for you to "now" will come through in many forms and experiences ... also ... take note through the day and night what New .......    you are noticing ... in any and all levels of your being.

I Love You!

I Treasure You in My Life!

Thank You for Being You!

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