Live Private Miracles and Mentoring

You and I for One or More Transformational Months Together!

Deep Dive Transformation 1:1 Private Mentoring:

Together We Unite for Miracles of Unfathomable Proportion ... 

Opening Your True Life's Destiny

Where Peace and Joy and Love and Ease and Abundance and Miracles Live!

Once we embark upon this Sacred Journey together ... usually immediately things and events in your life happen more and more in Miraculous ways. In ways that are non-causative, from Beyond 3D origination points which culminate in Miraculous experiences, events, and things Being made visible and accessible to You … that had been impossible before.

“from nothing and no possible way … The Way appeared … and she walked along the joyous path beneath her … in full love … dancing … joyously skipping … living in a space of complete Trust as each and every step is revealed! Sometimes … she will even take a giggling running blind leap of faith into the unknown and squeals in delight as the Path manifests beneath her …" 

This Sacred Journey is about the Opening, Manifesting, and Appearing of Your Destiny without 3D work, effort, energy, planning, or what we usually associate with energy investment …

Through this Work Together … You are opening … and opened to a Whole New Way of Living … of Being … of Knowing that everything you truly desire (or long for) is now already on its way into your Life in the most perfect of ways … ways that you could never have planned or even imagined possible.

IAM here with You … to hold Your Heart and Hand as we make this Journey into Your Destiny. This is the kind of Support I personally received in my own Life, where Jesus the Christ came to hold me in this way as a very young child ... revealing my Destiny and this Journey with You is part of not only my Destiny ... it is also part of Yours!

What Miracles are You Are to Manifest? 

This is what we shall not only discover together... 

We will also Witness and Unfold the Magic and Miracle of You, Your Destiny coming to Life and the Miracles that unfold naturally in the process.

Here with You ... IAM Performing my Life’s Destiny Work from my Eternal Spirit In the lineage of Jesus the Christ, I work under His direction and discretion. He guides me exactly to where and how to Love Free all manner of limitations in your way.

**Unconditional Love is the Only True Healer. The Only True Guide. Everything else is a limitation born of the separate ego mind .. ineffective and by nature, creates deeper suffering ... Even with the greatest of intentions, and the greatest seeming "results" ... these ego mind complex strategies have an ill effect that creates and magnetizes more and deeper problems! This cannot be overstated. Its time to go direct rather than play with destructive fire.

Unlike the vast majority of healing / mentoring / coaching / therapeutic models, protocols, procedures, systems, modules, etc...  This work is informed by Your Infinite Self in Communion with Your Whole Self ... when we approach our work this way, healing arises instantly, naturally, and comprehensively meets You exactly where You Are, on levels seen and unseen, known and unknown  ... and unfolds Miraculous Healing and Wholeness... restoring and rejuvenating Your Whole Self in Body. This is where Your Destiny Opens and is Revealed to You from the Inside out!  

When we gather as Love within this Sacred Container, 

IAM emerges ... Allowing the most Perfect Miracles to Unfold naturally. 

Sometimes this work looks like:

A broken arm instantly healing, proven under x-ray.

A Lifetime of depression disappearing in an instant and never to return... GONE FOREVER.

An incurable illness suddenly vanishes without a trace.

Miracle Healing Love pouring through your hands the instant required.

Knowing exactly what to do without knowing how you know.

Genius Insight emerging in the moment.

A bleeding wounded deer being healed instantly.

An instant quantum leap into a Whole New Life of Possibility and Bliss.

Complete and instant release of heroine addiction.

This work speaks for itself.

You BE-Come far more than you believed possible. Naturally. This is Your Destiny. You are here to Surprise Your Self and the whole world with what You are here to BE!

This Work changes what is Possible for You to Experience, Feel, Sense, Live and Manifest in Your Life!

It is done unto You at the Level You are Ready to Receive.

Readiness is determined by many factors that may not be apparent in your conscious awareness. You may simply be drawn without an understanding of why it is so important.

So we first work directly with what is in your way … deeply embedded into the depths of where your conscious mind cannot go… with the unseen, unknown, soul level, ancestral, and unconscious levels layers and depths of distortions in your being… which I see and interact with called Soul Constellations.

Once these are liberated (By LOVING Them and all involved and everything associated with these previous events, experiences and circumstances) You are naturally granted inner living access to Your True Power. Now You are able to experience and Manifest the Miracles required for Your Precious Life of Destiny! Opening Your True Self, Your Unique Power Presence, Your innate Joy and Abundance, unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Our 1:1 Live Mentoring sessions work at a significantly profound level far beyond what is available in the worlds greatest executive coaching, life coaching, or healing sessions.

Together we Unite within a Sacred Space created just for Us to deep dive safely into the unseen depths to excavate and reclaim Your True Freedom and Liberation.

We Unite within a Profound Container of Palpable Supernatural Love and embark upon the Miraculous Healing Process of Your full integration of All Levels of Your Precious Perfect Miraculous Self. 

We engage with The Miracle (and Sacred Challenge) of Your Human Journey experience including all of the unconscious traumas embedded within Your Soul Constellations, which have shown up in your life as trauma, pain, suffering, loss, lack, fear, worry, anxiety, illness, limitations of all kinds, etc… experiences including all those things that happened to you throughout your early life. 

Together we are safely Guided into the hidden unconscious places that were inaccessible before now, where we Love Free, Set Free and Restore Your Essence. 

These unconscious places significantly reduce your capacity to live, thrive and even Perceive the Miracles that Are Actually here for You ... right now ... as we clear these Soul Constellations and all layers of unconscious and ancestral material running in your unconscious mind  ... your True Sight, Your True Perception is also restored, where You can recognize and partake of the Miracles before You! You can now witness and see what was hidden and obscured before now.

Within this Sacred Container:

Together … we Unite in our human Selves as well as our Infinite Supernatural Selves for the Purpose of Liberating, Healing, Rectifying, Transforming and Releasing all that has kept you in limited choice, suffering, loss, lack, and any and all limitations you have magnetized upon your path.

We engage within a Deep Dive Immersion ... Illuminating the Magical hidden areas and depths of You - Embracing and Honoring Your Human embodied experience healing and making Whole your most unintegrated and wounded parts, as well as your highest Human potential, your most Inspired and Radiant Purpose … Including Your Supernatural Infinite Self, Your Soul, Your Ancestry, Your Spiritual Team of Guides, Guardians, Protectors, Your HomeBase Angelic Realm, and we Unite in feeling and honoring and acknowledging ALL of Your Miraculous Precious Beautiful Sacred Radiant Self!

You are healing and making Whole the Soul You chose and are living through in this Lifetime.

Upon Our Sacred Journey We Work within the context of Your Personal Life or Your Professional Life

Together We Unite for Miracles of Unfathomable Proportion ... 

Opening Your True Life's Destiny

Where Peace and Joy and Love and Ease and Abundance and Miracles Live!

Deep Dive Transformation 1:1 Private Mentoring:

3-6 month packages


Level 1: $2222/ month

One Silent Private Distant Session Monthly with Encoded Video each Month

(Add: One Live Mentoring / Healing Session Call + $2222)


Level 2: $5555/ month

Two Silent Private Distant Sessions Monthly with Encoded Video each Month

(Add: Live Mentoring / Healing Session Call $1111 @ up to 4 per month)


Level 3: $11111 / month

Two Private Live Video Healing Sessions

One Live Mentoring Call

Encoded Video each Month

(Add Live Mentoring @ $1111 up to 4, then free after 4)


Level 4: $33,333 / month

Unlimited First Priority Private Access:

Unlimited Live Video Healing Sessions

Unlimited On Demand Sessions

Unlimited Live Mentoring Calls 

Unlimited Text Messaging

Encoded Monthly Video on Your Own Special Page

6 Month Level One: 1:1 Private Healing / Mentoring
6 Month Level 3: Live Video Sessions Plus Mentoring
6 Month Level Two: Private Sessions / Mentoring
6 Month: Level 3 Private Unlimited First Priority Access

Want just One Month of Live 1:1 Mentoring, Healing, Destiny, and Miracles?

Here it is!!

Together You and I ... One Moon Cycle at a time!

You get direct access to me in a Private Session, as well as Supernatural Mentoring Live Support Calls as an additional option! 

(You choose what best suits your need!)

Choose the level you are ready to Fully Claim and Embody for Your Self Below!

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