Daily Living Light Meditation

Together, You and I

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This is no ordinary Meditation... this is Living in the Light of Infinite Possibilities of Love's Divine Plan in Your Life and in All Life. This is Miracle Healing, Opening New Sustainable ways of Living, Perceiving, and Embodying Quantum Possibilities ... Transcendence, providing deeper Anchoring of Your Infinite Self into Your Amazing Body! You are the Embodiment of Spirit in the form of You. Here You are awakened to the True Power of Light that You are.


Receiving this meditation transcends the boundaries of the human condition into the unfolding of the Infinite ... in and as You. 

When You subscribe, You receive daily Living Support that changes your Life morning or evening or both. Some days the support may be more palpable than others... as when deep changes are occurring, You are truly unable to to perceive the depth of what is happening. True Transformation and Healing is effortless, takes place beyond what you can perceive. It naturally bypasses the filters of the conscious mind, producing instant, permanent and Miraculous Change that is inaccessible in any other way.

Each Silent Meditation Session lasts 1 hour, and you do not need to be present or physically participate to Receive the Benefits! When I include You, You are simply in a state of Receiving and Living at a Higher Frequency of Light. 

Join me in the Morning Light Meditation, the Evening Light Meditation or Both. This is a Silent Meditation where You are given the Unified Key to the Power and Potency of Healing Light that ushers in the New Way and Restoration of Life on our Beloved Earth Mother.

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Morning and Evening Light Meditation
Morning Light Meditation
Evening Light Meditation

It's Time for the Return to Light, Join Us!

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