144Living Kriya Transmissions

Miracle Kriya Activations Given by the Master formerly known as Yogananda

 Instant Access toMiracle Healing, Awakening, and Bliss

The 144 Miracle Kriya Transmissions 

Receive Your Fast-Track Spark to Awakening, Freedom, Healing Abilities, and Miracles 

The Miracle is Given Here without Years of Practice, Struggle Study or Work.

Invest in Your Personalized Miracle Kriya Transmission @ the level appropriate for You:

$444 * $1444 * $4444 * $9999 * $99,999 * or the larger amount Inspired by Your Spirit

per Miracle Kriya Transmission, per person, through any of the following:

  • westernunion.com to: Jyoti Conradi Durango Colorado
  • Paypal: paypal.me/lovejyoti  
  • Cash/Check/Money Order to:  Miracle Spark LLC PO BOX 1734 Durango CO 81302 USA
  • Venmo to: Jyoti AmmaSophia
  • Contact for Bank Routing Information 
  • Serve and Expand this Important work by providing Real Estate, Land, Eco-construction of our first Healing Sanctuary Home and Retreat Center ... 
  • Future Vision ... Can you imagine if we had a Miracle Healing Sanctuary in every city, free and available to all with zero religious or monetary conditions? Join in this sacred vision?! Be a founding Member? Share Your Ideas, Inspirations, Skills, SEVA ... 

**Include in payment notes: your Birth Name, Birth Date, Time and Location with your number of Miracle Kriya Transmission (1-144) 

Once Purchased (and birth information is received) You will receive your Specifically Encoded Kriya Transmission Video within 48-72 hours. If you do not receive your Kriya Video Transmission please send an email to riverofmiracles@gmail ATTN KRIYA (with all of Your details.)

Kriya Transmissions are custom encoded for each person. Each person or family member must purchase their own to be effective for each precious one.

The Miracle is Given without Years of Practice, Study or Work.

Here .. In Love and Devotion to You and Your Greatest Life!

Jyoti ... and The Next Evolution of Kriya Initiations and Miracles

Love ... Smiling ... Grace ... Beauty ... Equanimity ... Miracles ... Oneness ... Love


FYI - Currently, I have been threatened by people within certain structures of control who do not want you to have Access to the Powerful Awakening, Healing and Regeneration of Your Life offered through these Kriya Transmissions ... so ... In Alignment with my Higher Agreement, I AM offering these Living Kriya Transmissions to ALL those who sincerely seek healing, restoration, awakening beyond the consciousness of control manipulation and the lost ... as the Power cannot be corrupted or controlled! This is Our Birthright and GIFT from the Higher Realms beyond control lets Join and Change what is Possible for All of Life! 

One You experience these Kriya Transmissions please share how You understand or refer to them ... share how the Healing, Transformation  Power, Potency and Miracle contained within these Transmissions is impacting Your Life! Any inspirations? Let me know! YOU matter and Your perceptions can evolve what is Possible ... and this World!!

The story is not what matters, Your experience and the embodiment of Your Miracle Kriya Transmissions are. You must be sincere of Heart and desire to Live in a state of Grace where Love leads your Life and You grow into Your Divine Purpose without the need for "earning it" (You have earned your Life, now its time to LIVE it!) 

No More gaining "worthiness" (You are already Worthy and Deserving of this Miracle, now claim it!) 

No More perfecting your self (You already are Perfect, just as the Creator Intended! You are LOVE come to Life in the experience of You!)  

No More wasting time, studying, learning, working on yourself, disciplining your self, struggling, or sacrificing whats currently meaningful to you (being directed by others rules, doctrines, structures, and strict adherence to anything is a limitation ... a serious waste of time, as if it doesn't come from within You ... it is not for You .. Its time to remember Who You Are!)

It is Time to Re-Member Who You Are!

This is the Miracle offered here in Service and Love of Who You Are, and the fulfillment of your Destiny. You matter. Your Life matters to us all. Now, there are many external opinions on Kriya Yoga. Devotees of certain gurus believe you must be taught in person by your master guru, that you must adhere to very specific and strict rules, thoughts, behaviors, lifestyle choices, specific breathing, specific thinking, rigid focus, specific energy channeling, body discipline and restriction, etc... 

This is NOT how these Kriyas were given to me, they came directly from an Ascended Master who comes from a Kriya Lineage back to Babaji, of which I am a part, as well as Yeshua is a part ... These Kriyas offer immediate access to Heal your body, mind, emotions, spirit, and life, and give you access Your Divine Destiny now. They are instantly activated and open the way for Your Love to Blossom on Earth, while in this body. Opening the way for Miracle Healings needed now for all of Life!

This is not about external study or discipline. These Kriyas are offered as Living Transmissions that Awaken You to Your True Infinite Love Self ... for this Journey - no external Guru is needed. These Kriya Transmissions are an instant pathway to your Infinite Love Self. 


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