Love Healing Support and Inspiration 

Opening New Life Together!

Beloved! Here is Your New Encoded Healing Video! This one is very special and contains much new healing frequencies, insight, inspiration, and healing for now and what is upcoming! I want you to Know that it is possible we may experience a time of transition, that may include internet outage for a few days... between now and May. Know that I AM here with You and All is going to be Beautiful, even if there are many things that do not feel great in this time. So much is transforming in Life, and specifically within Your Soul and Your Family ... I LOVE YOU!! Here ... in Love and Devotion to You! Please reach out anytime. IAM here for You! 4/3/20 

June 2020

May 2020

New Healing Encoded Videos Below!! 3/6/20 I Love You!!

3/6/20 Beloved Precious One ... 

I had been having problems with my website that kept me from uploading videos! Today I broke through and Here are two new videos for You!! I LOVE YOU!!

Healing Transmission Encoded Video for You Beloved Eleni!

Additional Deep Healing Encoded Video with so much Eternal Unconditional Love ...

Dearest Eleni!

This is Your Page ... continuously encoded for You ... and for Our Precious Dimi ... This is the Opening of our next level work and the next level of Transformation, Love, and Life!

This Page will host Encoded Videos for You from the Source of Creativity, Love, and Life ... These will include encoding specific to Your Source ... Your Creative Desires, Healing, Bliss, Love, Purpose, JOY, Success, Abundance, and Transformation! These Encoded Videos shall Open the way to New Life and Deeply Support You ... to Ignite Your Creativity and set Your Spirit, Love, Joy, and Deep Fulfillment ablaze ... In your Art and in Your Whole Life!

Our Opening Healing Video ... Encoded with Love for You! 

Deep Healing Encoded Love for You Both!