Love Healing Support and Inspiration 

Opening New Life Together!

Dearest Beloved Eleni ... I have created this video for you today ... inspired to talk directly to You ... I Love You!!

Your Encoded Healing Video is below this one!

Beloved ... this (below) Video is addressing, healing and opening a whole new way  for Life to move I Harmony with You ... 

I am excited to hear how you receive it ... and how it feels to You! I Love You so!

Im sooooo excited for You Beloved Precious One!!! I have been sending lots of extra special support for all that is now and upcoming n your Art ... Your Art of Living ... Your Art of Love ... Your Art of Being ... You are so deeply incredibly Magical!!! Please keep me posted!!! I Love You!!! Here in Love and Devotion, J

Dearest Eleni Love ... You are doing so amazing!!! I am so very proud of You!!! You are getting it!!! This Video is Deeply Encoded to Deliver some Special Support for You ... Please let me know how You Receive it ... it is like the sky and the trees and all Life from Above the sky pouring into the stream as it flows directly to and through You and down into the Earth Mother  ... Delivering You Extra Potent Blessings and Access to Your True Self and Your True Power (especially coupled with Your Lions Gate Portal!!)  ... Please let me know how You Receive it!! And ... You are doing Amazing!!! I am so very Proud of You!!! I look forward to hear how You are feeling ... 

Here with You ... in Love and Devotion ,


Beloved Precious Beautiful Sacred One...

I Encoded this Video, guided completely by Your Spirit ... to OPEN the Internal MAGIC Flow of LIFE ... LOVE ... Sustenance ... Bliss ... Awareness ... Abundance ... Magic ... Beauty ... EASE ... Support ... these frequencies (and more...giggles ...)  are flowing in each nanosecond of each droplet of this water!! I am looking so forward to hear from You how you experience this ... and how it unfolds magical miraculous changes in Your Life!!! You Deserve this Now!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Please stay in touch!!! XOXO, here in Love and Devotion with You through whatever emerges!!!...  Jyoti

This is an extra special encoded video ... I can't wait to hear from You ... How You are ... and How things are feeling and shifting and changing for You!! I LOVE You!! Eternally Forever!!! You are part of our Family and I Am all-ways with You!!! SOOO much NEW is underway!!! I am excited to hear how You are perceiving and experiencing this current Depth of Healing and Transformation ... I Love You!!! Jyoti

Precious Love Eleni ... 

I have encoded this Video for You .. it has so many levels layers and depths to it ... I have been awakening the past several weeks at 222, 333, 444, and 555am to work with You ... Please share with me how you are ... and all that you notice ... so much is unfolding ... I look so forward to hear from You!!

I Love You!!

IAM here in Love and Devotion to You and Your Greatest Life's Destiny Unfolding!!


Also ... IAM inspired to Gift this Recording to You ... Please let me know how you receive it!!

Dearest Beloved Eleni

I just moved back to Colorado with my Babes ... Just got internet service to upload Your Encoded Video!! This is a big month of setting up the beginning os necessary endings, cycles of completion ... making way for the Life You were Born to Live to take root in a New Foundations we are actively building!! Please stay in touch and let me know how you are! I also very proud of You!!

I Love You!!

Here in Love and Devotion,


I Love You!!

Two New Videos for You Beloved!! Please stay in touch closely... I LOVE YOU!!!

Beloved Precious Beautiful Eleni ...

Here is Your New Encoded Video ... Please send me an update on how You are feeling and all that is perceptibly new! This Video is encoded deeper than all previous Videos to work in a direct and comprehensive way!

When You experience this video for the first time ... 

1. As You get ready to play your video Please Speak these words "I fully receive Divine Healing, Miracles, and Infinite Love encoded within this video, on all levels, through all space and time."

2. Please have water next to You (As You play your video your water will be encoded with healing frequencies that will support you on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually! It also produces INSPIRATION that comes from within You ... smiling ... looking forward to see what this sparks for You!!!) You can drink it all at once after your video, or you can sip it as you are inspired. You can continue to charge and encode Your Water this way every time You experience Your Video! This water will taste and feel different in Magical Ways ... Drink it often and let me know your experiences!!

3. Give Your Self a Hug ... (Its me (smiling) and the Divine Eternal Love of the Universe here to Embrace You ... Strengthen You and Restore Your Blissful Beautiful Precious Life of Inspiration ... Awe, Wonder, Magic, and ....  )


Here in Love and Devotion to You and Your Glorious Radiant Life!



This Video is extra encoded with a Beautiful Perfect Measure of Healing and Miraculous Magic to hold You now ... as well as to produce profound Healing Miracle Water ... Please have a glass or bottle of water with You as You experience this Encoded Video Below ... This will charge and Infuse Your Water with these specific frequencies ... You can use this water as You are inspired ... it can heal and help anyone and any situation in your life in an intentional way ... You can Trust Your Heart to Know how to use it! ... (smiling) ... This water in its container will also produce a radiant healing field that supports You and I would love to see You having a glass of it beside your bed all night long! Drink as much of this water as you are inspired ... and please stay in close touch about how you are and what is unfolding !! I LOVE YOU!!!

August Rainbow Photo Taken Just for YOU!!! Here is Your Encoded Video with so much Love for You ... and Creative Sparks, Ease, Inner Peace, Calm, Contentment, Inner Bliss, Dancing with the Miracle Particles of Love Surrounding You!! Please keep in touch!! I LOVE YOU!!

Beloved Below is your July Encoded Video ... this one is very powerful and I suggest you receive it after taking a bath or shower ... Please have water with you to drink just after watching it (and each time you receive it ... drink a glass of water as this Video is encoded with extra levels of support and depth that can change the way you feel and experience reality ... and also change the way your outer reality shows up) Please also write after you experience this video ... many new insights may emerge ... and more will be upcoming! Please stay in close touch via email to let me know how things are unfolding and feeling! IAM So Proud Of YOU!


Beloved! Here is Your New Encoded Healing Video! This one is very special and contains much new healing frequencies, insight, inspiration, and healing for now and what is upcoming! I want you to Know that it is possible we may experience a time of transition, that may include internet outage for a few days... between now and May. Know that I AM here with You and All is going to be Beautiful, even if there are many things that do not feel great in this time. So much is transforming in Life, and specifically within Your Soul and Your Family ... I LOVE YOU!! Here ... in Love and Devotion to You! Please reach out anytime. IAM here for You! 4/3/20 

June 2020

May 2020

New Healing Encoded Videos Below!! 3/6/20 I Love You!!

3/6/20 Beloved Precious One ... 

I had been having problems with my website that kept me from uploading videos! Today I broke through and Here are two new videos for You!! I LOVE YOU!!

Healing Transmission Encoded Video for You Beloved Eleni!

Additional Deep Healing Encoded Video with so much Eternal Unconditional Love ...

Dearest Eleni!

This is Your Page ... continuously encoded for You ... and for Our Precious Dimi ... This is the Opening of our next level work and the next level of Transformation, Love, and Life!

This Page will host Encoded Videos for You from the Source of Creativity, Love, and Life ... These will include encoding specific to Your Source ... Your Creative Desires, Healing, Bliss, Love, Purpose, JOY, Success, Abundance, and Transformation! These Encoded Videos shall Open the way to New Life and Deeply Support You ... to Ignite Your Creativity and set Your Spirit, Love, Joy, and Deep Fulfillment ablaze ... In your Art and in Your Whole Life!

Our Opening Healing Video ... Encoded with Love for You! 

Deep Healing Encoded Love for You Both!