Healing Miracles Transformation

In Love and Devotion to Dagmar and Mama Love

August Encoded Healing Video with so Much Love ... Peace ... Joy ... Inner Bliss ... Knowing ... Beauty ... Creative Inner Spark ... LOVE that Leads to the Unity of Our Hearts ... Deep Inner Peace and Contentment ... Presence of Childlike Innocent Wonder and Magic ... Please stay in touch !! I LOVE hearing how you are and how things are unfolding!! I LOVE YOU!!! I took the Photo of this rainbow for You!! Ahhhhh ... the rainbow emerges after the rain!

Beloved Below is your July Encoded Video ... this one is very powerful and I suggest you receive it after taking a bath or shower ... Please have water with you to drink just after watching it (and each time you receive it ... drink a glass of water as this Video is encoded with extra levels of support and depth that can change the way you feel and experience reality ... and also change the way your outer reality shows up) Please also write after you experience this video ... many new insights may emerge ... and more will be upcoming! Please stay in close touch via email to let me know how things are unfolding and feeling! IAM So Proud Of YOU!


Beloved! Here is Your New Encoded Healing Video! This one is very special and contains much new healing frequencies, insight, inspiration, and healing for now and what is upcoming! I want you to Know that it is possible we may experience a time of transition, that may include internet outage for a few days... between now and May. Know that I AM here with You and All is going to be Beautiful, even if there are many things that do not feel great in this time. So much is transforming in Life, and specifically within Your Soul and Your Family ... I LOVE YOU!! Here ... in Love and Devotion to You! Please reach out anytime. IAM here for You!

June 2020 

May 2020

Happy NEW Year ... January 2020 Deeply Encoded Healing Video for You My Precious Beloveds!

Please stay in touch with me! I would LOVE to hear from You Weekly!! 

Here With You ... In Love and Devotion ... Jyoti

Dagmar Love ... Thank You!! I Love You!!

Dearest Beloved Dagmar ... 

This is going to BE the New Healing Page for You! Where I will upload all future Videos, Audios, and Inspirations for You and Your Precious Mother ... This Page itself is also Encoded with Love and Streaming Healing Miracles for You that You can tap into at any moment! 

I LOVE YOU!!! Jyoti

Here is Your New Deeply Encoded Healing Video for You Beloved! Enjoy! and Let me know how you are and how things are changing and transforming!!

Special Healing Video I Made for You with LOVE, DEVOTION, and GRATITUDE!!    WE LOVE YOU!!!!

New Healing Vide for You ... to Support You and Your Whole Family ... and Bloodline! I LOVE YOU DAGMAR!!! You are so deeply precious to my Heart!


Here is the PayPal to initiate the unfolding of all that is to come forward into Your Life, Love, Heart, Body, and Family ... Your Mother is right in the center and will remain in the Miracle Space of Healing and Love ...as needed! You can choose $1111 or $2222 whatever You choose .. my Support is here for You!

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