Your Custom Light Infusion

withBonus Extra Clearing Video!

My Dearest Angel ... 

I have encoded this (Below) Video for You ... Please let me know how You Feel and Receive it!! It is encoded with specific relief for You ... and will prepare You for Our Upcoming Session!!

Here with You in Love and Devotion,


Dearest Beautiful Beloved One ... 

I completed Your Light Infusion Download and there is nothing You need to "do" in order to "receive" it ... It is deeply at work within You Now ... However ... I do recommend writing "369369369" upon unlined paper and place it under your pillow as You sleep, as well as another paper for placing under a glass / gallon of water. As You drink the water, be aware and notice what You feel, sense, perceive ... as the codes and frequencies from Your Light Infusion will infuse the water and lead to additional Healing, In-Sight and Aware-ness! Sleeping with this code under your pillow will also Open New Possibilities of Your Destiny and Vibrance as You! (Excited to hear how you experience this!!!)

Write the code: 369369369

I was additionally inspired to create a Clearing Video for You to experience! You will find it below! (This is a Gift of Love and Devotion in Service to You!) ... smiling 

You will Know when You are ready for what is Next! IAM here for You!

Please also let me know if You have any questions! And ... I would Love to hear about Your experiences, and all that is shifting and changing in Your Life!

Here in Gratitude, Love and Devotion to You and Your Greatest Life!