A Year of Healing ... You and I


Precious Beloved Andrew...

This is a big month of beginning change ... transformations ... there may be many shifts, transformations, and cycles coming to completion ... opening the way for the NEW to rise into Being! You are Your Beloved may wish to participate in this month's additional Live Healing (soon to be published) ... this will help each of You to additionally Align You Together and Individually with Your Specific and United Essence, Destiny, and Life Purpose! I am encoding this Video to address many levels layers and depths of your Life's Beauty, Clarity, Purpose, and Ease in transitions, completions, and transformations ... opening Trust, Strength, Knowing, Igniting Intuition and clear knowing from the inside out ... and more than I can explain from words alone! Please keep in touch and reach out anytime! IAM Always here in Love and Devotion ... 

I Love You!!

I am so very Proud of You!!

You are doing Amazing!!

(ps... I just moved back to Colorado with my Babes and finally got internet service to upload your Encoded Video!)

Dearest Beloved Andrew ... I have encoded this video with extra special love and healing for You! Please let me know how things are unfolding for You and what is on your Heart to share with me!! I Love You!! Here in Love and Devotion to You and Your greatest Life!! Jyoti

Two New Videos for You Beloved!! Inspired from LOVE!!!

Beloved Precious Andrew,

This is a Living Page Created Just for You ... Encoded Specifically for You with Frequencies of Healing and Deep Support that Serve, Support and Assist You in multidimensional, conscious, and Other-than-conscious ways 24/7 ... The Living Support encoded into this Page serves as a Portal of direct delivery to You on all levels of Your Being ... Always holding You in the most aligned Space for Your Greatest Life Experience. There is nothing You need to "do" in order to receive the full benefit. You may at times wish to just open your page and welcome a deep Breath of Presence ... and notice what You notice. 

I will additionally upload Healing Encoded Videos for You as I am guided! (Your first one is below!! - Enjoy!!) There will also be an additional Video I will add once internet capacity is sufficient!

Please stay in touch with me and let me know how You are feeling and experiencing ...

I Love You!!!

Here with You ... in Love and Devotion,


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