A Year of Healing ... You and I


Beloved Precious Andrew,

I created this Page for You ... I received some insight about how I am able to Best Serve You in the upcoming months ahead if you choose to take this Sacred Journey Together! You are truly in a Beautiful moment and Life Design for Opening to the Possibilities and Meaningful Beautiful Purpose that lives in the Core of Your Being. In order for You to fully expand into Your Divine Purpose and Thrive ... there are many ways that I am called to assist You in doing this in the most direct and effortless of ways.

I received the Guidance to offer You this one-to-one Healing Journey over the course of the next 12 months. I am guided to create a monthly healing video for You that I will publish upon this page every month. I will also write and/or communicate with You the Divine Guidance I receive on Your behalf when it arises. 

You will have direct email access to me and are free to share as many updates, questions, intentions, desires, etc... with me that I will support You with!

We can begin as soon as You are ready! 

And ... You may also still sign up and participate in any additional live group healings, activations, or special events I will offer to the public. They will also be of Deep Benefit to You. (I included a dropdown to the button so You can choose this option too ... then You can be automatically included in my upcoming monthly live healings and activations.)

Here in Love and Devotion to You and Your Greatest Life!


PS... Im planning to offer another Live Healing on Sunday November 29th @11:11!

Andrew's Year of Support

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